Fast EU Shipping | Order 2 products get 10% discount, 3 products = 15%, 4 products = 25%, 5+ products = 40% <- Don’t miss this!

Fast EU Shipping | Order 2 products get 10% discount, 3 products = 15%, 4 products = 25%, 5+ products = 40% <- Don’t miss this!


A Modern Lifestyle Requires Modern Nutrition

Braingineers provide you with the best-researched nootropics available,
exclusively from high-quality ingredients.

Clean, efficient, safe. Carefully crafted into powerful, natural dietary supplements.

"Mind blowing invention"
"My mind feels fantastic"
"It really does work"
"It makes such a huge difference"
"The perceived benefits for me are enormous"
"The perceived benefits for me are enormous"


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Bottle with CLVR 60 capsules

CLVR® is a nootropic supplement for daily use. It is designed to target all aspects of cognitive health, optimizing your brain in a natural way.

Created with a Swedish quality philosophy, we assure that CLVR®  is clean, efficient, and safe. Made from the best ingredients available.

A lot of nootropics promotes the choline cycle. Find our more about choline here.

Bottle with CLVR 60 capsules
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Made from one of the best fish oils available, BrightSight is a great source for your daily omega-3 intake.

With only 2 half-sized capsules (for your convenience) you get 500mg DHA and 100mg EPA, but that’s not all.

We also added lutein/zeaxanthin, astaxanthin, and vitamin D creating one of the most comprehensive supplements for brain health, eye health, and visual performance.

Read more here to learn why quality is important factors when choosing your omega-3 supplement.


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Who You Are

Today, cognitive enhancers, or nootropics, are used by a variety of people around the worlds, and there is something for everyone. However, we focus on healthy, safe, and efficient nootropics that target all aspects of cognitive wellbeing, and vision, only with natural ingredients.The reason our products succeed, is due to our excellent quality, which is suitable for most people. However, if you find yourself in one of our target groups, our products may be extra suitable.


Who We Are

Founded 2017 in Sweden, a country known for its long tradition in engineering, quality, and sophisticated design, Braingineers is a Swedish pioneer in nootropics and cognitive health. Our core values are based on these traditions, reflected in products that breaths quality, ingeniousness and sophisticated design.

Science-Driven Nutrition

A modern lifestyle requires modern nutrition. Braingineers design safe, advanced dietary supplements that target our cognitive functions and senses so you can maintain your edge.

High-Quality Ingredients

Besides creating some of the most advanced and clean supplements available today, our main focus is quality. In a world of cheap products and proprietary blends, true quality always win.

100% Legal, Always

Aiming for better health, neither should be a health risk or a matter of synthetic alternatives. We exclusively use healthy, 100% legal, doping-free and safe ingredients in our products, always.


Featured Brands

We keep no secrets. As a matter of fact, we are completely transparent, for a natural reason. Our products are packed with top-quality, world-leading ingredients, and we just want to shout it out!

All our ingredients are research-backed and well known. What makes us difference is our persistence to only use the best ingredients available, in dose-effective ranges.

Braingineers stand for pure, safe, and unbeatable quality.