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We Are Braingineers

Founded 2017 in Sweden, a country known for its long tradition in engineering, quality, and sophisticated design, Braingineers is a Swedish pioneer in nootropics and cognitive health. Our core values are based on these traditions, reflected in our products that breaths quality, ingeniousness and sophisticated design.

Quality & Science-Driven Nutrition

A modern lifestyle requires modern nutrition

Our creations are made up by high-quality, nootropic ingredients that are safe to use over extended periods of time. Our advanced formulas work perfectly fine as stand-alone products, but combining them unleash their full potential. Our products are developed by highly skilled product developers, with known, research-backed ingredients.

We develop our products with the modern lifestyle in consideration, addressing five major key factors:


One of our greatest enemies today is stress. Prolonged periods of time can have adverse effects on health, and can even shrink our brain.

Less nutrient-dense food

As soils are getting depleted in minerals and other important nutrients due to modern cultivation, our food does not have the same quality as it used to.


As we age, our bodies change. We are more recipient to macro-nutrients and less recipient to micro-nutrients. So, we need more nutrients but less food and the food is less nutrient-dense today.


We all know it, just eat healthy, and your health will be good. But the truth is, eating healthy is not the easiest. Easy-to-get snacks tend to speak to our inner cravings, time is a luxury that few of us have to cook properly every single day, and lets be honest, getting that organic, wild salmon twice a week is not sustainable to the wallet.

Biochemical pre-dispositions

We all look different on the outside, that is the case for the inside as well. How receptive we are, and how our bodies metabolize nutrients. That said, our need for nutrition is individual and can differ greatly.

You can read more about the factors in our article Why Supplements For Brain Health Are Becoming Increasingly Important.

Want to know more?

Do you want to know more about our products? You can find answers to the most common questions in our FAQ. However, feel free to contact us at any time, and our motivated staff will make sure you get the right answers.

You can reach us at: order@braingineers.se

We normally reply within a couple of hours!

Our Story


Our story began in 2015.

We were looking for a way to unleash our true potential. We always knew there was more capacity, but we couldn’t reach it. It was like a cloud was living in our heads, fogging our true nature. So, curious as we are, we started investigating different ways to enhance our focus. Better sleep patterns, calorie restriction, mindfulness, exercise, reading, mental challenges. All known to improve our cognition and brain plasticity, but still, there was a missing piece.


A lifestyle behind the screen, the hours in front of the computer outnumbered everything. Reading news, working, gaming, studying, basically everything we did, was in front of the computer screen. As we know, humans are not built for that.