We are braingineers

Nowadays, there is a growing awareness about nootropics and cognitive health. With growing awareness follows a constantly growing range of substances and supplements, covering the area. Some are of more experimental nature than others. Some are of poorer quality than others. And this is where we enter the stage.

At Braingineers, we love what we do, for real. In every product we bring to market, we aim for perfection. Every single element in every product is chosen for a reason, and carefully selected from the worlds most renowned producers and select branded products when possible.

Let’s talk about quality

Yes, we do talk a lot about quality and for a good reason. Quality can differ one seemingly identical product from another. With a low-quality product, you will need to up the dose, sometimes several times, to get the same result as from a high-quality product. That also means you put substances in your body with no or possibly adverse health effects. So, not only do you pay more for the same effect, in the endeavor for good health, you might get the opposite.

With us, you will encounter a lot of branded ingredients, why?

A producer who choose to brand their products, do it for a reason. They have a message to tell about quality, patented production processes, and in the case with herbal extracts, standardized extracts, which means its biological footprint is identical from time to time. For us, working with branded products is proof of pride and quality, like choosing a Rolex before a Chinese knock-off, which one do you prefer?

So, What Seems To Be The Problem?​

Like you, we are humans, and like you, we have our daily struggles. Some of us work and live an office lifestyle, some of us have families, we like to hit the gym and to make excellent food to enjoy with our friends and family. But, as time goes, we realize our vigor from the youth isn’t there anymore. Letters dances and blur, focus diminishes, brain fog covers our potential like a curtain, preventing the sun from entering. This takes a toll, both on our motivation, on our creativity, productivity, mental energy, you name it. We’ve had about enough of it and decided to find a solution. The solution we came up with is what we are, braingineers, ordinary people with a not so common approach.

The Corner Stones of Our Design

It’s out there! We told you and probably you don’t want to hear it again for a while, the Q-word. So let’s take a look at something else that makes us unique, our design process. We have identified five key factors we consider major players in the field of supplementation. Or, five reasons why dietary supplements might be something positive. You can read more about this in our article found here.


As we age, we change. As we change, our nutritional needs also change. As a natural, gradual deterioration of the body’s functions occur, the need for more nutrients grows. At the same time, our metabolism slows down and our energy requirements decrease. It doesn’t take much effort to realize the equation doesn’t add up. You need more nutrients but less food you won’t get obese.


This is one of our favorites, for real. From time to time, we get comments from wiseguys who say eating right is the key to get proper nutrition. To all of you out there, thanks for the information, we didn’t realize it was that easy! Let us put sarcasm aside for a second and really reason around the subject. Of course, a healthy diet is a crucial factor in maintaining good health, no doubt about that. Not at all.

But, we accepted something a long time ago, life happens. It happens over and over. Food is instant gratification, eating releases a feeling of satisfaction and beats down a primal instinct. We can give you useful guidance and proper diet proposals, we have been competing at the top level and cut like diamonds. Likewise, we still struggle with our diet, because, many times going the right path is boring and motivation killing. Also, having a family or working a lot or just being stressed out takes the edge out of counting calories and keeping a strict diet. So, there you have it, we are not perfect humans! We are human humans! And to keep our edge, we love using supplements, period!

Nutritional Contents In Our Food

So, play with the thought, you are one of those perfectionists with a flawless diet, counting the macros down to the smallest calorie. Still, looking past the macros that we can track with ease, how does it look on the micronutrition side? 

Reusing land with synthetic fertilizers and impoverishing results, keeps the macros at bay. We get good looking crops with the proper size. However, industrial production, leached soils, refined species, and pesticides have driven farmers to focus on quantity and not quality. Over the past 50 years, we have seen a deterioration in quality, which means you sometimes need to eat multiple times of the same product to get the same amount of nutrients. Pretty scary.

Biochemical And Genetic Differences

We have all seen the ideal model, 2000 calorie diet, 60mg vitamin C, and so on. Sticking to the model might end up pretty different for many of us. No, it doesn’t mean something is wrong with you, probably the opposite. You, me, and everybody else are unique. We have common features and needs, but small genetic and biochemical variances tweak our needs. For example, a study in the US indicates as much as 50% percent of the population has a genetic variation increases the need for dietary choline (a compound we love). For these people, following the same regular established diet means they do not get proper amounts of choline to used for acetylcholine, a vital neurotransmitter.


The last, and maybe the most crucial factor is stress. Stress comes in many forms and doesn’t necessarily mean having a tight schedule..

Experience The Difference
The Idea

So how do we stand out in the crowd? By using proven safe, high-quality ingredients in evidence-based doses, simple as that! Oh, we almost forgot, we won’t rip you off! By keeping all our sales in our control, there’s no need for middle-hands.