We spend a lot of time investigating the origin of the ingredients and we only use the highest quality ingredients from recognized and market-leading suppliers that meet our high standards.

  • Our supplements are made according to the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines
  • Braingineers comply with EFSA’s health claims regulations
  • Every ingredient we handle is analyzed and controlled before production

A nootropic (nootropics) is a substance that improves the user’s cognitive functions. Two of the most well-known substances with nootropic effects are nicotine and caffeine. In addition, there are also a number of other substances and drugs that are, to a greater or lesser extent, a nootropic.

In a strict sense, CLVR® can be considered a dietary supplement with nootropic effects, or cognitive enhancer. However, we at Braingineers believe that it is rather brain nutrition/nutraceuticals, as the majority of the substances are already in our body. CLVR®, which is a dietary supplement, provides you with substances that you might get too little through the diet.

For too long, the industry has had a clear focus, body, and macronutrients. A healthy look is associated with a healthy lifestyle. In our opinion, this view is a bit outdated, it is after all from the brain the body is controlled, so it does not go well over the body. Today’s lifestyle that involves both mental stresses, greater use of the brain versus the body as well as foods that are no longer nutrient-dense require more dedicated nutrition to function optimally and this is where CLVR® comes into the picture. CLVR® is designed to contribute nutrients to the brain.

All ingredients in CLVR® are 100% legal and allowed to be used in the EU and the US. We only use trusted suppliers that meet stringent production, traceability, safety and purity requirements.

We only use approved suppliers with safe products of the highest quality and our products are manufactured and handled in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and that they are of the highest quality. We have no substances in it that are not declared and all substances are considered safe to eat well over the doses our products contain. CLVR® is produced in Swedish facilities that are under the supervision of the National Food Agency and which are HACCP certified, which guarantees safe products free of allergens and harmful substances.

CLVR® is safe to use unless you suffer from any medical condition or eat any medicine that may be affected. If in doubt, consult your doctor.

CLVR® is one of the market’s purest, most advanced and potent supplements for cognitive health. We only use potent, clean and safe ingredients in recommended doses. This means that you get the right amount of each substance in order to get the best possible effect. Braingineers are synonymous with quality and this is reflected in our products. There is a big difference on the same topic from different manufacturers and thus also the efficiency. We use substances from world-leading suppliers, so our products reflect our brand. In this case, you get what you pay for, so to answer the question – not only is CLVR® a good product. It is one of the absolute best!

No worries, we work actively and hard for satisfied customers. Should CLVR® not work for you after one month of use and you do not want to use it anymore, we will refund half the cost minus shipping.

CLVR® is developed and produced in Sweden in state of the art, high-quality HACCP-certified facilities under the direct supervision of the National Food Agency.

Cycling a dietary supplement is a method where you use every day for a period and then take a break for a shorter period. When used in cycles, a possible tolerance is restored and a “cleanse” occurs in order for the dietary supplement to function consistently with full potential.

We recommend that CLVR® be cycled 4 weeks “on” followed by 1 week “off” alternatively 5 days “on” followed by 2 days “off”.

Using CLVR® over a longer period can contribute to increased and sustained mental performance. In addition to its ability to contribute to cognitive functions, CLVR® contains nutrients for the brain and body. Users report among other things, better short-term and long-term memory, focus, verbal ability, motivation, better well-being.